How Difficult Is It Really To Buy An Authentic Birkin Bag?

Hermès Birkin Bag

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Ah, the Birkin Bag – the epitome of luxury and style, a true icon in the realm of high fashion. But getting your hands on one? Well, that’s a different story entirely!

Whether you’re eyeing those elusive Birkins at your closest Hermès boutiques or exploring your options with trusted resellers, the quest for this coveted bag can be filled with excitement. But it can also be filled with a lot of uncertainty.

Luckily, we’re here to give you the low-down on how difficult it is to get your own Birkin bag directly from Hermès (and why!). We’ll also look into alternative ways to buy your own authentic Birkin.

The Birkin Bag Lawsuit

The Birkin Bag lawsuit has garnered a lot of attention recently since it involves one of the most iconic symbols in luxury fashion. The lawsuit claims that Hermès has enforced an illegal requirement for anyone who wants to buy Birkins. According to claimants, Hermès allegedly mandates that customers first spend a significant amount on other merchandise before being allowed to buy a Birkin.

This purported practice has become a hot topic of debate, with some people claiming that it creates an impossible barrier for people wanting to own one of these highly sought-after bags.

Ultimately, the Hermès Birkin bag lawsuit is still ongoing at the time of writing, which would mean that if there were any “requirements”, they would still technically be in place.

Hermès Birkin 30 Epsom Nata with Gold Hardware

How Hard Is It To Buy A Birkin Bag?

How hard is it to get a Birkin bag? Well, it’s no secret that getting your hands on one of these coveted luxury items can be a challenge. So, if this is your dream bag, you may need to take a few things into consideration.

There are two main options: buying it from a Hermès store or buying it from a reputable reseller.

Buying your very first Birkin bag from a Hermès boutique is notoriously difficult. Unlike other luxury brands that prominently display their merchandise, Hermès often keeps its Birkins out of sight. Normally, they’re not openly showcased to the public, so you can’t simply waltz into a store and buy one off the shelf.

Instead, it’s rumoured that securing a Birkin usually involves having a relationship with a Hermès sales associate, which could potentially take some time and a lot of patience. Even then (and if this is an actual practice), there’s no guarantee of success, since the demand for these bags far outweighs the supply.

On the other hand, buying from a reputable seller is a different experience. Typically, resellers have a wider range of bags in their inventory, including both new and vintage pieces. They also usually have strong connections with the luxury handbag community, meaning they can source a specific bag (or bags) from collectors.

In turn, you have a better chance of finding the bag that you want without having to purchase it directly from Hermès.

Does Hermes Have A Waiting List For Birkin Bag Buyers?

Previously, Hermès maintained a Birkin bag waiting list for buyers where you would need to wait patiently for your turn to own one of these incredible bags. However, that era has passed and Hermès has abandoned its waiting list system.

The present process of purchasing Birkins from Hermès boutiques is more nuanced. Rather than relying on a waiting list, you may need to build up a relationship with a sales associate, express your interest in owning a bag, and even demonstrate your commitment to the brand.

It’s also important to remember that while there is no official waiting list, the boutiques do use a ‘wish list’ system. This involves registering your name and the bag that you’re interested in with a particular store.

What Are The “Requirements” Of Buying A Birkin Bag?

Buying Birkins, especially through Hermès stores, doesn’t necessarily come with any “requirements”. So, can anyone buy one of these coveted bags? Well, not really. There may be certain criteria that you need to meet. While it’s tempting to assume anyone can walk into a boutique and buy a new Birkin, the reality is more complex…

Besides having a relationship with an associate, it has been suggested that establishing a history of luxury purchases at a Hermès store can increase your chances of getting your hands on your very own Birkin. However, this isn’t an official guideline and there aren’t any spending thresholds that have been confirmed by the brand, so this is an alleged “requirement”.

Of course, this leaves many of us with the same question: Can you buy a Birkin without a purchase history? Yes, you can!

Buying from a reputable seller is very different. Whether the spending threshold is true or not within the Hermès brand, resellers sell their bags without needing a purchase history.

Just remember that if you are buying your bag through a reseller, you should only buy them from trustworthy sources – counterfeit Birkins are a real concern on the resale market. This is especially the case when they’re selling bags other than store-fresh bags.

Hermès Birkin 25 Brique Mauve

How To Buy A Birkin Bag

Are you dreaming of owning a coveted Birkin bag without the hassle of navigating the intricate process at Hermès stores? Then look no further! At Global Boutique, we offer a hassle-free solution to buying the exact bag you want.

With our selection of new and pre-owned Birkin bags, both online and at our brick-and-mortar store, finding your perfect bag has never been easier. All you need to do is browse our online store at Global Boutique to discover some absolutely stunning options.

If you see a model that is marked as sold out, don’t worry! We also specialise in sourcing coveted bags within a short period – often just 24 hours! When you’re looking for a specific Birkin that’s not currently available in our online selection, our Hermès handbag-sourcing service is here to help. Just submit your request, and our dedicated team will work tirelessly to locate your very own holy grail bag.

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Frequent Questions About Buying A Birkin Bag

How many Birkins can you buy a year?

The number of Birkins you can buy each year from an official Hermès boutique varies and is usually subject to the policies of each store. Generally, there are no strict limits that are publicly disclosed, but customers are often limited to around just one quota bag or, at most, two Birkin purchases every year to maintain the brand’s exclusivity and keep up with demand.

What is the hardest Birkin colour to get?

The difficulty in getting a specific Birkin colour depends on several different factors like popularity, rarity, and seasonal releases. Historically, some of the most elusive colours include unique shades and exotic skins like Bleu Saphir, Rose Scheherazade, and Vert Cypress. Of course, more neutral colours like black, gold, and etoupe are always in high demand and can be tricky to get your hands on.

Which is harder to get: A Kelly bag or Birkin?

Want to buy Hermès bags? Well, then you’ve definitely heard of the infamous Kelly bags. This Hermès bag is a customer favourite but can be as tricky to obtain as Birkin bags.

However, the Birkin tends to be more elusive because of its iconic status in the fashion world. It’s also the price point that makes Hermès bags more attainable. Additionally, the process of buying a Birkin involves a lot more uncertainty and waiting compared to the standard Kelly Hermès handbags.

Final Thoughts

A Birkin is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, so there’s no wonder why everyone wants one. But with some hurdles and tons of hoops to jump through, getting your bag through traditional channels has quickly become more challenging.

Fortunately, resellers are coming to the rescue and can source almost any Birkin you desire. From vintage or pre-owned bags to brand-new pieces, you can find almost anything with the right reseller.

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