Sourced and Sold: Our Five Favourite Hermès Handbag Sales of 2023

Limited Edition Hermès Birkin in Sunset Rainbow in front of a photograph of Frank Sinatra

Featured Brand: Hermès

Ever faced the disappointment of a sold-out item that you have dreamed about owning? At Global Boutique, we understand this all too well. That’s why we offer our unique sourcing service to turn your luxury dreams into reality.

We take pride in our extensive network and strong connections within the luxury goods industry – particularly with our luxury watches and coveted Hermès handbags like the Birkin and Kelly.

Dive into our top five Hermès sales of 2023 – a showcase of our expertise in fulfilling your luxury desires!

1. Hermès Birkin 3-in-1 in Togo Black Leather

Hermès Birkin 3-in-1 in Togo Black Leather with Pochette that can be used as a clutch

The Hermès Birkin 3-in-1 in Togo Black Leather isn’t just a fashion item; it’s a sought-after piece for any collector. The star of the bag is the Togo leather, a customer favourite known for its soft, pebbled texture.

This Birkin bag is both stylish and practical, with sleek palladium hardware and a versatile pochette. You can use it as a clutch for small items or attach it to the main bag for extra security and style.

This bag may be sold out at Global Boutique but it’s nothing our Hermès handbag sourcing service can’t fix! We can help you source this beautiful Birkin bag or something similar.

2. Hermès Kelly Sellier 25 in Texas Rose Epsom Leather

Hermès Kelly Sellier 25 in Texas Rose Epsom Leather with additional shoulder strap

Made in stunning embossed Epsom leather in the colour Texas Rose, this Hermès Kelly Sellier is a highlight of our 2023 collection. The unique blend of pink with the orange/coral undertone instantly grabs the eye.

Lightweight, waterproof, and scratch-resistant, this Kelly Sellier is an ideal choice for daily use. It comes with thoughtful details like front straps, a clochette with a lock and keys, a single leather handle, and a removable shoulder strap.

Although this specific Kelly Sellier 25 has been sold, we’re excited to offer a similar option: a smaller but equally charming Kelly in a similar colour. The Mini Kelly Chevre Rouge de Coeur is up for grabs now!

3. Hermès Mini Kelly Sellier in Cactus Epsom Leather

Hermès Mini Kelly Sellier in Cactus Epsom Leather with additional shoulder strap and protective bag

The Hermès Mini Kelly Sellier in Cactus Epsom Leather is a perfect blend of iconic style and modern flair. This exquisite piece, with its vibrant cactus green shade, brings a fresh and lively touch to the classic Kelly design.

This Mini Kelly features the signature Sellier style with sharp edges and a structured look. It’s compact yet spacious enough for your essentials.

Crafted in the popular embossed Epsom leather, it’s soft to the touch but durable to withstand those busy days on the go. To complement the vibrant green shade of this Mini Kelly is elegant hardware, a secure closure, and a versatile strap for carrying it as a handbag or over the shoulder.

4. Limited Edition Sunset Rainbow Hermès Birkin Sellier 35 in Epsom Leather

Sunset Rainbow Hermès Birkin 35 Sellier with key and lock

If you’re looking for a showstopper, the Limited Edition Sunset Rainbow Hermès Birkin Sellier 35 in Epsom Leather is it. One of the rarest Hermès Birkin 35’s, the bag is made from embossed Epsom leather with a unique palette.

With vibrant shades of Apricot, Blue Agate, Magnolia, and Rouge Casaque, the bag’s colours capture the stunning hues of a summer sunset. There’s no doubt that one look at this bag will make it a must-have!

You can even get your hands on one in a pristine, unworn condition with the palladium hardware still in protective foils. You’ll even receive the essentials like the dust bag, felt protector, leather clochette, lock, and two keys.

Don’t feel disappointed that this bag is sold out. We can find you this limited edition Hermès handbag or source similar models.

5. Hermès Kelly Sellier 28 in Gold Epsom Leather

Hermès Kelly Sellier 28 Handbag in Gold Epsom Leather with palladium hardware

To round off our list of the most stunning Hermès handbag sales in 2023 we have the Hermès Kelly Sellier 28 in Gold Epsom Leather.

This bag’s luxurious gold colour, reminiscent of a caramel-toned tan, combined with its contrasting stitching and Palladium hardware, makes it a standout piece. The Hermès gold is a versatile shade, pairing effortlessly with almost any outfit.

A little larger than a Mini Kelly but smaller than a large Kelly, it strikes the perfect balance of stylish and functional. You have just enough space for all your goodies. Of course, it’s crafted in durable Epsom leather in the classic Sellier style.

Keen on getting your hands on this Hermès Gold Kelly? We can help you find it!

Let Us Help You Find the Hermès Handbag of Your Dreams

As you’ve seen, our 2023 Hermès handbag collection was nothing short of spectacular. And while these specific pieces have found homes, your dream Hermès handbag is still within reach. Even if it’s a pre-owned Hermès handbag, rest assured that the quality is as good as new!

Our extensive network and strong connections are key in sourcing exactly what our clients desire, no matter how rare or elusive.

If you’re seeking that perfect Hermès handbag, let us be your guide. Get in touch with our Hermès Handbag Sourcing Service or contact us on WhatsApp today!

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